Thursday, September 30, 2010

hello batch 2001!

my dearest batchmates (2001),

most probably by now almost half of our batch already has a copy of our yearbook. if you don't have a copy yet, you may claim it at the CPT office 5th floor of Wang Bldg in the De La Salle HSI. you may ask someone else to claim it for you provided that you give them an authorization letter.

what can i say? YOU ARE ALL WELCOME! It was tough making that yearbook all by myself after all these years. It was difficult to collate all past and present photos. It was frustrating to seek help from some people who just turn their backs and raise their noses on me. However, i knew that the yearbook was something that i have to accomplish before leaving the college of PT... so i made sure that by year 2010, you will finally have your yearbook.

please still visit this blog for any updates (and chismis) regarding reunions, alumni association announcements, etc.

in st. la salle,


Saturday, January 30, 2010

a glimpse of the final draft

gave the GO SIGNAL to the layout artist and publisher to finally reproduce Achievers' 2001.

here's a copy of the approved final draft.

the cover

final graduate pages lay-out

will update everyone again once it's ready for release.

thank you, Batchmates! :)

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

yearbook updates

sorry for not updating, guys.

got the third draft. it's 99% done.

right now, i just have two major issues with the LayOut Artist:

1. nagulo yung pagkasunud-sunod ng pages sa likod (madali lang naman ayusin, isang click lang. hehehe... )
2. i don't know what the hell happened with the "batch 2001 web connect" page (aka batch directory). inayos ko na yun eh. ewan ko kung saan nya nilagay or anong ginawa nya. ipapaayos ko ulit. nweis, that's only one page.

but basically, everything's okay already.

and yes, the YEARBOOK COVER!

here, as promised:

Achievers 2001 Cover

Merry Christmas, Batch 2001!!!

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Monday, December 14, 2009

official CPT Alumni Google Group

guys, here is the link for the official google group of DLSAA CPT Chapter.

please check it out regularly for announcements regarding alumni membership & other updates.

the site is also open for membership. :)


Friday, December 11, 2009

CPT Alumni Homecoming details

ON DECEMBER 21 AND 28, 2009

Those who wish to attend may contact
Miss Jonah (046-0226 local 171)

Please click on the photo for details of the CPT Gala Night.
There is a Php500 fee for the Gala Night.
Attire is strictly formal.

**I think the Dang Pugi Pugi Alumni Edition got cancelled.



Saturday, December 5, 2009

new Kisner ebook

hi batchmates!

sharing with you an ebook version of the latest Thera Ex (Kisner) book.

click HERE.


Thursday, November 26, 2009


let's all take a break from our busy schedule to reflect and give thanks for all the blessings that we are continuously receiving.

Happy Thanksgiving CPT Batch 2001!

thank you for the gift your friendship!

birthday greetings


October 30- Dennis Perido
November 1- Roy Sandejas & Almarie Mamaril
November 2 - Aimee :)
November 17 - Stephanie Medina-Baldonado
November 26 - Eric Bocx

(to those i forgot to mention, pasensya na coz I don't know everyone's birthdates. nonetheless, HAPPY BIRTHDAY pa din!!!)


Friday, November 13, 2009

CPT Alumni Homecoming


CPT Homecoming will be held anytime between December 19-23, 2009. No specific details yet as to when and where it will be held. Will keep you updated.

Anyone who's going home to the Philippines this Holiday, please get in touch with the college if you're interested to attend the CPT Homecoming.

Yung mga nasa Pinas lang, attend kayo! Please. This will be fun. :)
[Wish ko lang andito pa ako:(]

Person-in-charge for this, i think, will be Ma'am Jonah Belamide.

CPT Phone Number is - 046-4160226 local 172.

Hope to see you guys!

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new and final lay-out for individual grad pic


guys, how do you like this presentation?


the artist gave me these sample pages earlier. just one look at it and i know you will all like it. i bet you guys haven't seen any CPT yearbook yet with this kind of individual page lay-out! whoa, tayo ang una! at ginagaya na ng Batch tooooot... *evil laugh*

*saw the blueprint of Batch tooot, mas maganda yung sa'tin. why? kasi ibang tao ang gumawa ng yearbook nila... walang personal touch of their batch! hahaha! wala lang.

nweis, tell me what you think about this lay-out guys? gusto nyo pa bang papalitan or GO na tayo dito? :)

the artist said that we can expect the 3rd draft already by next week. i'll feed you with updates again next week.

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

for third draft submission

mga walanghiya kayo!!! (LOL) hindi pa ako natutulog ngayon dahil sa yearbook na ito. haha!

anyways, i'm submitting the yearbook draft to the ARTIST tomorrow later at 10:30am. dugo, pawis at ganda ang binuwis ko ngayong gabi na ito para sa inyong lahat. si Joanne (Mangulabnan) kasi eh, pinagod ako sa pagdownload ng mga additional pictures nya. inisa-isa ko pa talaga. hahaha! peace, Joanne!

well, ganyan ko kayo kamahal!!! don't worry, guys, mabilis gumawa yung layout artist natin. kayang-kaya nya ito in 2 weeks. (why am i crossing my fingers???) balitaan ko kayo.

for submission- November 12, 2009, 10:30am

*Joeffrey, do you see the tiny printed sample of Cover B? hahaha! may pag-asa ang Cover B mo!

it's Zzzzz time for me now. ciao!!!


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

baby pics

Guys, your baby pics are with me. If you want to have your original baby pic returned, you may get it from the college (5th Floor, Wang Bldg). Will upload the scanned baby pics that i have with me but you have to know that the scanned copy has been converted into Black and White already.

kumbaket kasi hindi pa uso ang digicam noon.
naninilaw na mga baby pics nyo!

And the BEST Baby Pic Award goes to....


Winner talaga ang batang ito!!!


to Yohan, yung promise ko sayo- i will do it anytime within the week.

to Lovsky, super thanks for the PICC batch pictures. and to Dong and Pamie for trying to reach Lovsky for me. tnxie!!!


Thursday, November 5, 2009

DLSU Baller ID

UPDATE: (as of 3:14am, 11-05-09)

Dong will order 50 pieces of the Baller ID (green and white). If you are in the US and would like to get these, please coordinate with him. I will reserve 50 pieces of this at the La Sallian Mission and Linkages office as soon as I report back at La Salle (it's still sembreak here) next week.

Sa mga nasa Pinas pa, you can go ahead and buy these at La Salle schools. It's not sold anywhere else except at La Salle only. Eh yung DLSU Baller ID ko nga ay inarbor ko lang sa isang LaSallian Brother (hehehe! syempre, rubbing elbows eh). Kasi pang-scholarship talaga ito. Edu Manzano always wear his baller ID at Pilipinas, Game KNB? before. (hahaha!)

Bocx, I promised to give you one, right?! Remind me to bring it pag nagkita tayo. Love you!


Dear Batch 2001,

Our alma mater has an on-going Scholarship Foundation. Part of this project is the DLSU Baller ID. It's for sale for Php100. (it was sold for 50Pesos before) I know this is kinda expensive for a baller ID but remember that the proceeds of this baller id is for the Scholarship Foundation initiated by our Brother President, Bro.Gus.

It's available in three colors- black, green and white.


Photos grabbed from ilovekropek

For those who're interested to buy (lalo na yung mga nasa US), just leave me a message at YM ID: cpt2001.delasalle.

Yung mga nasa US dyan, I know you guys want these! Bili na kayo, tutal ano ba naman ang $2 na donation nyo for the Scholarship Foundation. I suggest that we just do a bulk order for this para tipid din sa shipment.

Just FYI lang, CPT already has one FULL scholarship student.


yrbook update


1. Officially no grad pic on the yearbook- Peggy (we received a message from Peggy saying that it's okay with her if she doesn't have a gradpic), Roman and Luis (so far, we received no message from these two batchmates).

2. Yearbook message from the Faculty Administrators and Faculty - done! Whew!

3. Yearbook Cover - so far, Cover D is leading followed by Cover B. Disclaimer lang guys ha, I am asking you to vote for the Yearbook Cover so that I know what kind of design you like. However, the college and the layout artist will still have a say on the FINAL yearbook cover. I still have to check if kaya ba nung artist "gayahin" yung design na gusto natin. Again, guys, the yearbook cover voting is only there to help me with the kind of cover design that you guys like. I need your inputs kasi. Mahirap ang mag-isip mag-isa. Don't worry, I will make sure that the cover will be the BEST COVER that the college will ever have!!! Promise. Feeling ko gagayahin tayo ng lower batches after this. Weh, yabang noh?!

4. Batch Directory- Bocx and I are trying to get everyone's contact information. So far konti pa lang ang nagbibigay ng kanilang email addresses. Wala pa sa 1/4 ng buong batch (toink) so kung sino lang ang magbigay, sila lang ang ilalagay ko. Meron na akong naisip na STYLE for this batch directory considering na kulang kulang nga. Sana maappreciate nyo.

I have 3 more days to go before I contact the artist for our yearbook. Let's give it about 2 weeks then we'll have the THIRD (FINAL) DRAFT printed. then BLUEPRINT na on December! Hayyy.

Also, I am also calling out any batchmate (who's still here in the Phils) who's willing to be a SIGNATORY (aside from Bocxxx) to sign the blueprint this December (in case, I'm not here). We need at least two signatories for the reproduction.

Bocx, usap tayo sa YM mamaya! Online lang ako.

Kayo dyan, pwede nyo ko i-YM para mas mabilis. just click on the YM status on the left sidebar to send me a message. Para hindi nabobombard yung mga contact information nyo sa account ni Bocx dahil nasa office yan tuwing gabi, pagtrabahuhin nyo sya ng maayos! Hahaha!

Sa mga nasa Amerika, pagdating ko dyan-- FEED ME, ok! hahaha!

Till next update!


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

yrbook blind item #1

was going through the yearbook draft and trying to insert new photos when i encountered a picture taken during our Baccaleureate Mass.

huling-huli ang dalawang batchmate natin na nagbe-beso-beso!!! woohooo!!!

1. guy and girl
2. single pa si guy until now
3. keber ko kung single pa din si girl.

hahahaha! ayaw ko na magbigay ng clue. basta ako, mag-isang tumatawa dito ngayon dahil sa picture na nakita ko. hahaha!

intayin nyo na lang yung yearbook tapos hanapin nyo duon yung tinutukoy ko. nyahahaha!!!

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